Heal Your Body and Revolutionnize Your Life

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Heal Your Body and Revolutionnize Your Life

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Your body contains incredible intelligence and healing ability. The simplest evidence of this is the fact that when you cut your hand, it knows how to heal. This part of you, we’ll call it the inner healer, has incredible abilities to heal on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This is the part of you which is connected to the divine and can help you manifest your dreams, empower your creative abilities and assist you to find true bliss.
You can consciously access the inner healer and request it to guide you on your path of health and wellbeing. Firstly, it is important to allow yourself to mentally expand your awareness and gain knowledge of what is occurring within you. Many people do this through meditation but all that is required is directing your focus back towards yourself and your body. This means getting in touch with your feelings, thought processes and beliefs.
Your inner healer is constantly communicating messages to you. It does so, using different communication channels, such as pain and discomfort in various parts of your body, thoughts in your mind, intuitive feelings and knowing.
Most problems begin with mental attitudes and occur in the aura or the person’s energy field. If the person doesn’t know how to pay attention to the subtle signs his or her body gives, then the problem enters the emotional and then the physical body.
Here is a checklist to demonstrate some of the possible ways your inner healer tries to alert you.
Physical Symptoms
Lack of energy, stress and tension in your body, pain, frequent colds, irritation, itching, illness, disease, infection, deteriorating of organs, falling, hurting yourself, etc.
Emotional Symptoms
Feeling angry, depressed, fearful, unhappy, guilty, and resentful. Playing a victim in relationships. Fighting with others. Feeling emotionally depleted, etc.
Mental Symptoms
Critical thoughts which create negative experiences. Blaming others. Manifesting lack. Making silly mistakes. Having lack of clarity about your life. Finding something wrong with everyone and everything. Experiencing bad luck. Complaining continuously. Trying to please others at your own expense, etc.
Spiritual Symptoms
Feeling uninspired. Disconnected from the source of love, joy and guidance. Unable to see blessings in challenges. Having an unbalanced perception of life. Feeling like something in your life is missing. Lack of passion and insight. No meaning and purpose. Only interested in money and material things.
Through these symptoms, your inner healer gives you an opportunity to recognize your unhealthy attitudes and heal them. You can only change a situation once you are aware of it.
Your body is like a living and breathing sponge. It collects an enormous amount of information and stores it in your cells. One of the reasons I know this is because I have been working as an intuitive healer for many years. I discovered the power of healing through a series of events in my early twenties.
After suffering with debilitating back pain for years it was getting to a point where, for days on end, I literally could not walk. I had visited many different holistic practitioners. In fact, I was seeing practitioners virtually every day. Although some techniques helped slightly, it was all temporary. In the meantime my back condition was still deteriorating.
I discovered that often our biggest breakthroughs occur in the midst of a lot of pain and turmoil. If we are open to learn and grow these experiences can be our biggest blessings.
One day, my husband, Paul, was driving me to see a chiropractor. I was in such agony that I was screaming most of the way there. I can still remember how each bump in the road, would bring tears to my eyes. I told the Chiropractor, I felt like I was an old decrepit woman. His reply was that my body wanted to be like that and there was little to nothing he could do.
I left his office still in pain and feeling very angry. Then a realization dawned on me; the more I wanted someone to save me the more of my inner power I gave away. I knew that the only way I had any chance of healing was to help myself by being willing to discover the purpose of my pain.
That night I began praying for help. As I prayed I felt my heart open and a warm gentle energy surround my body. My inner healer began to awaken. I had given up trying to work it out with my mind and decided to trust my heart.
Miracles occur when you let go of attempting to control people and situations and allow the divine power to take over. If you can recognize that you do not understand all the factors involved, then you can begin to trust a higher intelligence that does.
I was inspired to ask the universal energy of unconditional love to help and support me. I said, “Through the power of my inner healer I now choose to access healing energy for myself on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.”
I then placed my attention inside my body and became aware of all the pain and discomfort in my back. However, this time, instead of resisting the pain I welcomed it. After a short while I started to see images and hear messages from my body.
My body gave me a glimpse into the, pain, fear, anger, guilt, and hurt which I had suppressed since childhood. I was amazed at the insights I was receiving during this healing as I allowed myself to feel the pain and forgive. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I observed the dense energy and trauma release and the healing energy penetrate the cells of my body.
After the healing, I felt extremely light. The pain was gone and my back was straighter. In fact, soon after, I could walk for hours without getting exhausted or experiencing any pain.
I learnt that beliefs such as: I am not good enough, who am I to have great health and abundance in my life? are based on guilt and fear and lead to self-punishment. This self punishment eats away at your spirit, mind, emotion and body. The question I now ask myself is who am I not to experience the greatest good?
Like most people, I initially found all the information I received overwhelming, as I was quite skeptical. However, as I started helping others, I continued having amazing experiences. I discovered that just like with myself, I had the ability to tune into other people’s bodies and see what was happening, on different levels.
One of my earliest experiences was with Tania, a girl I hardly knew, who visited me. As I was talking to her I suddenly looked up and noticed an image of a liver that looked like a cartoon – floating above her head. I kept closing and opening my eyes to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. When it didn’t go away I decided to tell her what I was seeing.
I knew she had some health problems, so I asked her if she had any problem with her liver. She affirmed. Soon after I shared that, information about her health and her past started flowing in. I saw that her liver condition was genetic and that it came from her grandfather. I was also shown that her grandfather had been in a concentration camp and that she has had a lot of nightmares and fear of the dark. I was also told that her health condition had been triggered by a virus she had as a child.
While I was sharing this information I felt inspired but at the same time a bit nervous. I knew that I was connecting to a profound wisdom rather than just making things up, as the information was personal and accurate. Tania confirmed everything I said and was quite moved by the insights she received.
Healing myself and assisting others to heal constantly reminds me of how natural it could be for everyone to communicate with their bodies and how necessary it is for people to learn how to do it effectively. Learning about yourself and then accessing your healing abilities is like exercising your muscles. The more you perform the right exercises, the stronger, healthier and happier you become.
As a healer, I believe my job is to be a messenger and to help open a new pathway of communication for people, helping them to release blocks to healing. Stephen Lewis the author of Sanctuary: The Path To Consciousness explains, “What healers do is they elevate consciousness and that elevated consciousness is what you use to heal yourself.”
Most people require some assistance and support on their healing journey, whether from their family, friends or from an experienced practitioner. However there are also many things that people can start doing themselves.
Below is a fantastic exercise to help you connect to your intuition and communicate with your body:
Find ten to fifteen minutes of time where you won’t be interrupted.
Get into a comfortable position where you can relax.
Have a pen and paper by your side, so you can record any interesting or important information.
Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and begin to focus inside.
Start focusing on your head (then other parts of your body). What does it feel like? What image do you receive? Wait till you receive some message in some form.
Open your eyes and record anything unusual.
Then ask your head (or the part of the body you are working on) to share any messages it has for you.
Once you have done that, record any messages and move on to another part of your body.
(Sometimes it helps to place your hand onto the part of the body you are communicating with. Experiment with this technique to find a method that works best for you. )
Developing a relationship with your inner healer will enable you to achieve the lifestyle you want with greater ease. If you wander off track you can also consult your inner healer for the best course of action.
The more you get to know your inner healer the more it will assist you by giving you important messages. This way you will also be practicing preventive medicine and will save yourself a lot of pain, time and money searching for answers from others, as you will have immediate access to solutions yourself.


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